Last year, Bentley, the renowned British luxury car manufacturer, introduced the Bentayga EWB as its new flagship vehicle, replacing the Mulsanne sedan. In our bid to distinguish the enhancements of the EWB variant compared to the standard Bentayga, we recently tested this super luxury SUV, available at a starting price of Rs 6 crore, ex-showroom, before considering customisation options.

Now in case you’re thinking this is just another car with a longer wheelbase, you couldn’t be more wrong because in addition to the 180 mm of extension that it gets in terms of wheelbase, it features a lot more. Of course, the extended wheelbase does result in a massive rear door, which clearly outsizes the one available on its standard counterpart. However, there’s more to the EWB in terms of interior and even in the drive experience. As a matter of fact, the Bentayga EWB weighs almost 100 kgs more than the standard version of the model, suggesting an extensive list of changes.

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Stepping into this luxurious vehicle, you are welcomed by a cabin that exudes sheer excellence. The layout of the interior is not just functional but showcases exceptional craftsmanship at its finest. For all those who are familiar with the standard Bentayga cabin, it’s not radically different but yes there are subtle changes you can see in the inlays, the stitching pattern, and even the ambient lighting. Overall, it’s a fantastic looking cabin with the wood finish inserts, the traditional clock, which of course you would expect in a Bentley. Most importantly, everything just feels so rich and spot on!

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Speaking of the very obvious change, the extra space that you get due to the longer wheelbase provides exceptional comfort, complemented by tech-laden rear seats. To make it even better, these are bespoke seats, which means that when you’re ordering the car, you can choose for a bench, two individual seats and even Airline-esque seats. Furthermore, you get two connected screens for the rear passengers along with a small touch screen centre console that can be used to operate various functionalities such as climate control, blind-operations for the windows, motorized doors and much more. Bentley has thought about everything no matter what kind of mood you want to be in.

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Coming to the driving experience of the Bentayga EWB, as far as the powertrain is concerned, nothing has changed. In fact with the standard version, you can get more options but with the EWB variant, you only get the 4-litre, twin turbo V8 petrol engine which develops an impressive 542 hp and 770 Nm of torque. It is mated to an automatic transmission and being an SUV it also gets offroad capabilities. Using the air suspension, you can lower the ride or get it to go higher if you’re driving on tricky off-road terrain. The biggest change in terms of driving is the inclusion of the rear axle steering which now comes as a standard equipment. When you turn, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction and that means the agility or the ability of the car to go through a corner is far better, despite this car being longer than the standard Bentayga because of the rear axle steering. It actually turns in a shorter radius than the standard model and also helps agility through corners.

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The engine is butter-smooth and when you drive it in the Comfort mode, you’re sitting in an absolutely silent cabin so all you get to hear is the tyre roll. Even the aerodynamics are so nicely done that there is hardly any wind noise coming from the outside.

Bentley Bentayga EWB Review: Longer but better? | TOI Auto

The gearbox does a brilliant job of masking any lag that might be coming out of those twin turbos and the engineers have worked around this thing so well that when you push the pedal to the metal, it drives quicker than one would imagine looking at its sheer size. Also, in the Bentley mode, it just glides over surface undulations and even when you’re at the back you barely feel anything. The suspension does a brilliant job of ironing out all the surface undulations, even the nasty speed breakers.

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Coming to the prices, like mentioned before, this model retails at a starting price of Rs 6 crore, ex-showroom, before the customisation options kick in. At this price, it is very expensive and not many people will even dream of buying this car in their lifetime but for those select few who can buy this machine, we think they will be happy with their decision for a long time.


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