A video circulating on social media has caused a stir, with a doctor alleging that rumble strips – those grooved sections on roads – can harm your spine. Rumble strips are strategically placed on roads to warn drivers of potential dangers, such as lane departures or roadside hazards.
The doctor in the video claims that the vibrations from driving over rumble strips can jolt the spine and cause long-term damage.However, no major medical body has actually proven the actual risks associated with rumble strips on roads.

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In the video, the doctor uses a spinal cord replica to explain the risks that can be caused by riding/driving over rumble strips. Although there is no medical study that confirms the risks, it does sound concerning. Especially, in regards to road undulations that we often come across while travelling. Prolonged exposure or frequent exposure to significantly damaged roads on a daily basis might cause problems for back, especially for entry-level two-wheeler owners in which the suspension system might not be as efficient as in other mid or high-spec models.

On the other hand, driving can put some strain on the spine, especially during long journeys or with poor posture, especially on two-wheelers, but focusing on proper ergonomics on the vehicle can be beneficial. Also, maintaining good overall spinal health through exercise and maintaining a healthy weight could prove to be crucial.
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