With advancements in automotive technology worldwide, cars are getting closer to driving themselves. In India, some car models already come with advanced driver assistance features, like Level-2 ADAS. But recently, a startup from Bhopal has amazed everyone with its new invention. Even Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra, noticed. He shared a video of a Bolero SUV from the startup, fitted with self-driving technology.In the video, the SUV smoothly navigates busy streets without anyone steering the wheel.
The SUV was modified by Sanjeev Sharma, an IIT graduate, who is said to have developed an interest in autonomous tech since 2009. In the video, a white Bolero SUV is seen fitted with necessary hardware and software for autonomous driving. This could involve LiDAR sensors, cameras, radar systems, and a powerful central system capable of real-time decision making.

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The video shows the Bolero SUV using its smart autonomous technology to navigate through various obstacles and other vehicles on the road. It skillfully maneuvers through several turns in a rural area and safely passes by a group of people, parked cars, and even police barricades that block the road.

The video has generated considerable buzz on social media. Mahindra, known for his active social media presence, took to his X handle to heap praise on the engineer. “Evidence of tech innovation rising across India. An engineer who’s not building yet another delivery app. Sanjeev is using complex math to target level 5 autonomy. I’m cheering loudly. And certainly won’t debate his choice of car!” he wrote. What do you think about this invention? Let us know in the comments section below.
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