Kawasaki‘s iconic “Tinker Toy” motorcycle, an engineering marvel, is returning to the spotlight – and this time, it’s up for grabs! This uniquely powerful beast of a motorcycle will go under the hammer in the upcoming 2024 Spring Stafford Sale to be held in the UK.
Kawasaki Whitelock Tinker Toy: What’s so special?
This one-of-a-kind machine was built by Simon Whitelock.While a litre-class motorcycle is something we all desire for a powerful ride, this motorcycle gets a mind-boggling 4.2-litre, 48-cylinder engine! Yes, you read that right. The motorcycle incorporates 16 Kawasaki KH250 three-cylinder engines, and the most remarkable thing about this extraordinary vehicle is that it is street-legal!

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It doesn’t come as a surprise that this motorcycle, manufactured in 2003, holds a Guinness World Record for most number of cylinders in a single motorcycle. Inspired by advancements in aircraft engine technology during the Second World War, they aimed to create a motorcycle with unparalleled power and performance.
The motorcycle also features a host of components from the Honda Goldwing to construct the front end. Whitelock collaborated with Engineer Dave Sperry to assemble the various parts into the final product.
Kawasaki Tinker Toy: Auction details
The Tinker Toy will go under the hammer at the international classic motorcycle show in Stafford on April 22-23, courtesy of Bonhams. Interested buyers should be prepared to spend anywhere between £40,000–£60,000 (Rs 42–63 lakh) to seal the deal for this exceptionally distinctive Kawasaki.
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