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Ola Solo: No April Fool’s Joke, Just India’s First Autonomous Electric Scooter. (Photo: Ola Electric)

Ola Solo is set to redefine the way Indians commute, promising a safer, smarter, and more enjoyable riding experience for all.

India’s leading ride-hailing company, Ola, has rolled out its latest electric scooter, ‘Ola Solo’.

Touted as ‘India’s first autonomous electric scooter’, Solo promises to revolutionize urban commuting with its fully autonomous capabilities and advanced AI technology.

Equipped with artificial intelligence, Solo boasts of being fully autonomous and traffic-savvy. Powered by the innovative JU-GUARD adaptive algorithm, the scooter learns from every ride, ensuring a smarter and more efficient travel experience. Additionally, its in-house developed chip, LMA09000, harnesses real-time traffic data to navigate through city streets effortlessly, as reported by Live Mint.

Bhavish Aggarwal, the co-founder of Ola Electric, took to social media to announce the launch of Solo, declaring it as a groundbreaking milestone in the realm of electric scooters. He emphasized its autonomy, AI capabilities, and seamless integration into daily commutes, hinting at a paradigm shift in ride-hailing and local commerce.

Ola Solo: Key Features

  • Multilingual Voice: Interact with Solo in 22 languages, thanks to Krutrim’s voice-enabled AI technology.
  • Face Recognition Helmet Activation: Ensure enhanced security with facial recognition technology integrated into the helmet.
  • Human Mode: Solo engages in casual conversations with other vehicles and street vendors, blending seamlessly into urban life.
  • Vibrating Seat Alerts: Stay informed about potential hazards or upcoming turns through subtle vibrations in the seat.
  • Vishram Mode: Automatically locates the nearest hypercharger when the battery runs low, ensuring uninterrupted travel.
  • Summon Mode: Autonomous pick-up option available through the Ola app, allowing users to hail Solo at their convenience.

With Solo, Ola aims to redefine the concept of personal mobility, offering a blend of innovation, convenience, and safety to commuters across the nation.


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