Ather Electric Scooters Caught Fire. (File photo)

The company has not released any official statement regarding the same as yet.

As the EV segment is getting bigger in India, more incidents related to battery-powered vehicles started surfacing on the internet. Earlier, fire-related incidents used to be reported by a few of the brands, now the club has been joined by Ather Energy, whose tech-loaded e-scooters caught fire inside a truck.

The exact reason for the incident is not known yet. However, it has been speculated that the mishap was caused by a live electricity wire, which came in contact with the truck on road, as reported by Cartoq. The video of the burning vehicles also went viral on social media platforms, where some of e-scooters were seen turning into ashes.

Check Viral Video Here

The clip has been shared by a page named Ather Energy Parody on X, which was formerly known as Twitter. While sharing the visual, the handle posted a long caption that reads, Ather Electric scooters caught fire. It’s concerning that Ather Electric faces issues almost every day”, followed by the hashtag Ather and Ather Electric.

Four E-Scooters Caught Massive Fire

In the video, it can be seen that a truck that was carrying electric scooters caught fire. Out of all, only four were seen completely surrender to the massive fire, while the remaining vehicles, which were parked at the lower basement, somehow sustained less damage.

The company has not released any official statement regarding the same as yet.

Similar Incident

Meanwhile, this is not the first time such incidents hit the headlines. Earlier, a similar mishap was reported from Pune, where Ola’s top-selling product S1 Pro caught fire.

The brand in its official statement blamed after-market parts in the vehicle, which caused the incident.


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