Amid a severe water crisis in Bengaluru, a resident is claiming that people have been going to nearby malls to use the washrooms there. The person also said people are going to gyms to take a bath. In a post on the social media website Reddit, the resident claiming to be staying in a flat in Prestige Falcon City said that they had not received a regular round-the-clock supply of water for a month.

Amid severe water crisis in Bengaluru, a resident is claiming that people have been going to nearby mall to relieve. (Representational picture)(Unsplash)

“Most of the tenants have vacated while others have moved to temporary accommodation. You get to smell the stink of unflushed human excreta in toilet bowls from far away. It’s not uncommon to see a line of residents going to the nearby forum mall to do their business,” read the resident’s post.

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“Some people are going to gyms along with a pair of clothes and towel to bath and come back,” wrote the resident further.

The resident has warned people against buying flats dependent on tanker water in the city.

Bengaluru water crisis

Bengaluru is facing one of its worst water shortages in recent years. Bengaluru city and Bengaluru rural district have been notified as drought-hit districts.

The Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) on Friday issued an order putting a ban on using drinking water for activities such as washing vehicles, gardening, construction, and entertainment purposes like water fountains. Violation of the order will attract a fine of 5,000.

“Anyone found violating the above order will be fined Rs.5,000. For subsequent violations, Rs.500 will be added to the fine on a per-day basis to the principal fine of Rs.5,000,” reads the order.

Meanwhile, amid the water crisis, people are claiming that vested interests are charging exorbitant rates for supplying tankers laden with water.


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