Election officials have so far seized ₹3.41 crore in cash, fabric and gutka (banned tobacco products) in all the eight Assembly constituencies of Erode district.

After the model code of conduct (MCC) came into force on March 16, 25 flying squads and 24 static surveillance teams were formed to implement the MCC in these constituencies.

Officials said a sum of ₹2,39,48,695 cash transported without valid documents was seized. The committee subsequently released ₹1,56,05,695, after the submission of valid documents. The remaining amount of ₹83,43,000 is under investigation. Officials said ₹16.50 lakh and ₹10,35,500 seized in the Erode (West) Assembly constituency and ₹35 lakh seized in the Bhavanisagar Assembly constituency was handed over to the Income Tax Department.

Apart from this, dress materials, rice, liquor and gutka, all worth ₹1,01,64,847 have been seized so far.


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