The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is scheduled to administer the Mathematics Class 12 Board Exam tomorrow, March 09, 2024. As students gear up for this significant assessment, it’s crucial for them to focus on key chapters and topics to ensure optimal performance.
The ongoing CBSE 12th Board Exam 2024, which commenced on February 15, is set to conclude on April 02, 2024.Mathematics poses a unique challenge for many students during Board exams. While some find it manageable and score well, others struggle to attain even passing marks. In light of this, it’s imperative for students to develop effective strategies to navigate through these challenges.
As the exam date approaches, students should have thoroughly revised and practiced their syllabus. However, it’s common to feel a sense of anxiety and uncertainty leading up to the exam. To alleviate this apprehension, it’s essential for students to focus on revisiting key topics and concepts in preparation for tomorrow’s examination.
Focus on High Weightage Topics
Since Calculus carries the highest weightage (35 marks), prioritise revising key concepts like:

  • Differentiation rules (product, quotient, chain rule)
  • Integration techniques (definite and indefinite integrals)
  • Applications of derivatives (extrema, rates of change)
  • Applications of integration (area, volume)

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Quick Revision of Other Topics

  • Vectors & 3D Geometry (14 Marks): Revisit formulas for lines, planes, distance, direction cosines.
  • Algebra (10 Marks): Focus on matrices (determinants, inverses) and important identities.
  • Probability & Statistics (16 Marks): Revise probability theorems (Bayes’ theorem, conditional probability), basic statistics (mean, median, mode, standard deviation).

Sharpen Skills for Lower Weightage Topics

  • Relations & Functions (8 Marks): Revisit concepts like domain, range, inverses, types of functions (composite, etc.).
  • Linear Programming (5 Marks): Understand graphical method for solving linear programming problems.

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As you prepare for your exam, take advantage of your formula sheet for quick reference when needed. Additionally, consider solving some questions from previous year papers to acquaint yourself with the exam’s format and level of difficulty. Keep a calm and focused mindset, prioritising your understanding of the material over worrying about what you may have overlooked in your revision. Approach the exam with positivity and confidence. Remember to present your answers neatly, utilising diagrams and clear labeling to enhance for clarity. Ultimately, prioritise comprehension over mere memorisation of formulas, and aim for well-structured responses with thorough explanations, as these can lead to higher marks.


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