PUNE: Not too long ago, and still prevalent in certain regions, the joint family system was intricately woven into the fabric of village life. Within this framework, the child was regarded as belonging to the entire community, with the collective responsibility of upbringing shared by all.
Dr. Amita Phadnis, Head of the Pediatrics & Neonatology department at Oyster & Pearl Hospitals Pune, addressed parents during a program organized by the hospital, stating that in our rapidly evolving society, reverting to or embracing a communal lifestyle reminiscent of village living poses challenges without simple solutions.She emphasized that building such a community around children could significantly contribute to their well-rounded growth and overall success.
Additionally, she emphasized, “Extended family members can provide emotional and financial stability. Grandparents create a stable, secure, affectionate, and enjoyable atmosphere for their grandchildren, contributing significantly to their upbringing and strengthening family ties. Their presence benefits the entire family, as they impart wisdom, knowledge, and life guidance gained from raising children themselves.”
By sharing their experiences, grandparents alleviate household stress, offer assistance in various situations, and instill a profound sense of security. Dr. Amita Phadnis emphasized that a strong bond between grandchildren and grandparents mutually enriches their lives.
“Recognizing that joint family/extended family living is not always feasible in today’s changing society, I encourage parents to take proactive steps to cultivate a supportive community for their children. Surrounding them with diverse mentors and caregivers can offer invaluable guidance and expose them to varied perspectives, fostering holistic development and preparing them for life’s complexities,” stated Dr. Amita Phadnis in the hospital’s issued statement.
In our rapidly evolving society, returning to or embracing a communal lifestyle akin to village living poses challenges without straightforward solutions.


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