NEW DELHI: A 17-year-old aspiring for IIT-JEE shared his rigorous schedule, prompting mixed reactions from users, including alumni of prestigious institutes. Many opined that aspirants from modest backgrounds have no choice but to work tirelessly for competitive exams in India. The schedule, viral on X (formerly Twitter), allots only 4.5 hours for sleep, highlighting the sacrifices made for academic success.
Last week, a user on X shared the schedule of a friend preparing for the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) to secure admission into the prestigious IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology).Notably, the young aspirant manages to allocate a mere 4.5 hours for sleep at night, underscoring the sacrifices one makes in pursuit of academic excellence.

“Me and my brother almost followed the same routine for three years, I got into one of the best government medical colleges and he got a good branch at IIT-Delhi, now settled in the US. Telling you there is no shortcut,” Dr. Shraddhey Katiyar wrote on X.

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“If there are thousands like him, or more in our education system, why then do we not have any reasonable success in scientific domains, AI, in proportion to the population? We have very few figures to be inspired with in these fields. Any reason why?” – cosmicagi @cosmicagi

Mr. Rc @rcx86 offers his perspective on the issue, stating: “Exactly! This is the same question I ask all the time. It’s also the reason why I didn’t pursue JEE. Most of these smart people move out of India and pursue their masters in the USA (you can check the data, it’s very common), and then work there.”

Sadiq Ameen @theCoder089 advises against burnout, suggesting the student prioritize sleep, enjoy studying, focus on concept clarity, and engage with friends. He emphasizes, “No way. A burnout is waiting for him even after a few weeks. My advice to him – sleep more + enjoy study, study less, but make his concept crystal clear. Can’t tell him for push as he’s already pushing too hard – talk to friends too.”

Hélène du .P Menagé (@Helene_G_du_P_M) compares the demanding schedule to military life, emphasizing the importance of disciplined napping to avoid burnout and mentions the long-term health risks such as Alzheimer’s/Dementia. She states, “This is basically military officer life, especially if he’s disciplined about the naps… People saying burnout is inevitable are wrong, it’s all about being able to sleep at the drop of a dime. That said, keeping this up for years massively raises the risk of Alzheimer’s/Dementia.”


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