JEE Main 2024 Admit Card: As the National Testing Agency (NTA) gears up to administer the JEE Main 2024 session 2 from April 4 to April 15, candidates who have successfully applied for the April session of the Joint Entrance Examination Main 2024 are preparing diligently. Whether appearing for B.Arch. & B.Planning (Paper 2A & Paper 2B) or B.E./B.Tech.(Paper 1), candidates must navigate through two shifts of exams, with morning sessions from 9 AM to 12 PM and afternoon sessions from 3 PM to 6 PM. Three days prior to the examination, the admit card for this crucial exam will be released, adding to the anticipation and preparation efforts of aspirants.
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With the JEE Main 2024 session 2 on the horizon, candidates are intensifying their focus on last-minute preparation techniques, particularly for the Chemistry section, which holds significant weightage in the examination. In the limited time remaining, concentrating on key topics can yield remarkable results. Understanding the pivotal role of Chemistry, aspirants are advised to prioritize revising topics such as Mole Concept, Chemical Bonding, and Thermodynamics. Mastery of these fundamental concepts not only enhances performance in the Chemistry section but also lays the groundwork for tackling more intricate problems. By dedicating time to reviewing these critical topics, candidates can bolster their comprehension and approach the exam with confidence.
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JEE Main 2024 Chemistry Exam: Weightage and Important Chapters

Chapters Total Questions Weightage
Periodic table, p-Block Elements 3 9.90%
Transition Elements & Coordination Compounds 3 9.90%
Thermodynamics & the Gaseous State 2 6.60%
Nuclear & Environmental Chemistry 2 6.60%
Solid-State And Surface Chemistry 2 6.60%
Chemical And Ionic Equilibrium 2 6.60%
Chemical Bonding 2 6.60%
Atomic Structure 2 6.60%
Aromatic Compounds 1 3.30%
Carbohydrates, Amino-Acids, and Polymers 1 3.30%
Carboxylic Acids & their Derivatives 1 3.30%
Alkyl Halides 1 3.30%
Hydrocarbon 1 3.30%
Stereochemistry 1 3.30%
General Organic Chemistry 1 3.30%
Solution & Colligative Properties 1 3.30%
Chemical Kinetics 1 3.30%
Electrochemistry 1 3.30%
Redox Reactions 1 3.30%
Mole Concept 1 3.30%

Mastering Key Chemistry Topics: Essential Last-Minute Tips for JEE Main 2024
• Periodic table, p-Block Elements: Create concise notes summarizing trends in the periodic table such as atomic radius, ionization energy, and electronegativity. Practice solving questions on periodic trends and chemical reactivity of p-block elements to reinforce understanding.
• Transition Elements & Coordination Compounds: Utilize color-coding or mnemonic devices to memorize key concepts such as ligand types, coordination numbers, and isomerism. Solve a variety of problems involving coordination chemistry and transition metal reactions to enhance problem-solving skills.
• Thermodynamics & the Gaseous State: Focus on understanding the laws of thermodynamics and their applications, such as calculating entropy changes and Gibbs free energy. Practice solving numerical problems related to ideal gas behavior, heat capacities, and phase equilibria to strengthen problem-solving abilities.
• Nuclear & Environmental Chemistry: Create mind maps or flowcharts to visualize nuclear reactions, radioactive decay, and environmental pollutants. Review important concepts such as half-life, nuclear stability, and environmental remediation techniques. Solve practice questions to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.
• Solid-State And Surface Chemistry: Develop a thorough understanding of crystal structures, crystal defects, and properties of solids. Practice drawing crystal structures and identifying different types of solid-state defects. Explore surface chemistry concepts such as adsorption, catalysis, and colloidal behavior through real-world examples and case studies.


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