Blackpink‘s Jennie and former Brockhampton member Matt Champion’s collaborative effort took flight with flying colours on March 8. The surprise duo’s sudden revelation of the special project may have dropped out of nowhere. However, that still wasn’t the wrecking ball that took down the K-pop star’s fandom; it was the revelation of how long it finally took for this song to go public. Following Slow Motion’s release on music platforms, Jennie Kim took her Instagram to post an eyebrow-raising news post, disclosing that the pair worked on this track three years ago.

Jennie and Matt Champion got acquainted at the 2023 Coachella festival, where Blackpink headlined the music event. (X)

Jennie’s Instagram post caption reads: “Can’t believe this beautiful song is finally out 🌒 This one’s close to my heart, and I’m so excited to share its message with you all. Matt and I worked on this song 3 years ago, and I hope you guys enjoy it as we share a piece of ourselves.” Slow Motion is her first independent artist musical project since she dropped her exclusive solo contract with YG Entertainment. Although she will continue to treat her fans with more Blackpink music with her bandmates in the future, she plans to branch out her solo music endeavours through her recently launched agency, Odd Atelier.

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Reactions to Blackpink Jennie’s Slow Motion collab:

As always, Blackpink members have to do but move an inch, and they start trending on social media trends, deservingly so. Therefore, fans not liking her content is entirely out of the question. While initial reactions were filled with profoundly loving reviews for the song, Jennie’s eventual info drop about how long it took for the song to come out despite it having already been worked on shook the fans hard.

As soon as the post hit the social media platform, fans didn’t take long to take up arms against Jennie’s former record label, YG Entertainment. “3 years ago? I guess YG is your biggest enemy, how could they not let such a great song come out???” came one response instantly. Yet another fan found it hard to swallow that this track was made three years ago. Jumping on the YG hate bandwagon, an Instagram user commented: “1080TH REASON WHY I’M TELLING YG REALLY HELD HER BACK!!”

Regardless of their love for the Blackpink members, the group’s fans have long been against YG Entertainment’s handling of the music act. In 2023, when the news of the quartet splitting from YG to pursue their respective solo projects came to light, fans didn’t hold back or sugarcoat their reactions by calling it the “best possible outcome.”

Jennie’s Slow Motion is a dreamy love ballad that will leave fans dewy-eyed. She notably shared her public appearance with Matt Champion at Coachella 2023, when her K-pop group headlined the music festival. However, now the case appears to be a tad different. They must’ve already been acquainted well enough in advance for the song to have been produced three years ago. The Solo hitmaker has also been in the news lately for attending the Chanel show at the Paris Fashion Week 2024 on March 5.


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