BTS Suga’s journey to stardom is nothing short of a marvel. Despite his personal struggles, his switch from an underground rapper to a K-pop idol progressively shuns stereotypes that sought to box his artistic identity. Even though the K-pop industry is often pigeonholed as a manufactured product devoid of a genuine voice, once in a while, artists like Suga demonstrate a musical miracle through their adept and wise lyricism. When looked at with a profoundly sensitive eye, the BTS member’s lyrics are rife with stock themes like loneliness, his complicated relationship with fame and his struggle to find an authentic voice that he can claim his own in the midst of all the chaos.

BTS’s Suga performing in Seoul during his first solo world tour, ‘Suga Agust D Tour’ (2023).(Instagram / agustd)

Although the overt packaging of his songs starkly differs when it comes from either Agust D’s pen or BTS Suga’s sensibility. Despite the apparent antithesis between both of these personalities, when the musical contrast is put aside, the polarity in the lyricism dissolves instantly as well. And that’s because regardless of who he comes into the music booth as – Suga or Agust D – he’s essentially speaking of the same humane qualities and feelings that universally encompass his combined magnum opus. Irrespective of who tunes into his music, everyone can find a piece of reliability that soothes their aching pains, paving the way for a healing closure.

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He may initially pen those lyrics to heal his old wounds and fractured memories. However, as soon as they get transported across to the listeners, they equally become their own to call. It’s ironic how he still strives to find his voice in a glitzy industry that seeks to cater to the masses with its pomp and show when it’s actually his lyrics’ grounded intentionality that speaks to his fans the most. On the auspicious occasion of BTS Suga’s birthday, here are some of his most compassionate and emotionally intelligent lyrics that struck a chord with the listeners.

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Revisiting some of BTS Suga’s best lyrics to celebrate his 31st birthday:


Albums: Skool Luv Affair (2014)

Same day, same moon 24/7 every moment repeats My life is in between Jobless twenty-somethings are afraid of tomorrow (Oh) It’s funny, you think anything is possible when you’re a kid When you feel how hard it is to get through a day I keep feeling down like Control beat gets downed Every single day is a repetition of Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

So Far Away

Album: Agust D (mixtape – 2016)

Even my friends and family are drifting away I feel anxious as time passes by It feels like I’m all by myself I hope everything disappears when I’m alone I hope things disappear like mirage I hope things disappear I hope my damn self disappears I’m abandoned like this in the world In this moment I’m drifting away from the sky I’m falling

Interlude: Shadow

Album: Map of the Soul: 7 (2020)

he moment I’m flying high as I wished My shadow grows in that blasting stark light Please don’t let me shine Don’t let me down, don’t let me fly Now I’m afraid The moment I face myself brought lowest It so happens that I’m flying the highest

Strange ft RM

Album: D-2 (mixtape – 2020)

The world is a giant system In it, either opposition, war, or survival is inserted Life that we can’t refuse With dreams as its collateral, the capitalism injects the morphine called ‘hope’ Wealth breeds wealth and tests greed The rich longs even for poverty In the world there’s only black and white, those two In an endless zero-sum game, the very end is worth seeing Polarization is the ugliest flower in the world

SUGA’s Interlude

Album: Halsey’s Manic (2020)

The dawn before sunrise is darker than anything But never forget the stars you hope for only appear in the dark


Album: Agust D (mixtape – 2016)

I knew the world was unfair But there’s someone living In a 15 pyeong two room with 10 people When there’s someone driving a foreign brand car Right after graduating

Snooze ft Ryuichi Sakamoto and Woosung

Album: D-Day (2023)

This is a battlefield without gunshots Your colleagues are also your enemies The cruel and beautiful good and evil that numbers determines If I can’t kill others, I must die This scene isn’t a ring, so why kill someone?

Suga’s concert film, Agust D Tour ‘D-Day’ The Movie, is coming to theatres worldwide on April 10 and 13, 2024 (local dates may vary). The upcoming cinematic cut premiere will celebrate the showstopping finale of the Korean star’s first solo tour, which concluded last summer before he took off for his mandatory military duties. In addition to the musical offerings, the Agust D tour movie will also feature special cameos of his bandmates RM, Jimin and Jungkook.


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