The sixth episode of the second season of Navya Nanda’s What The Hell Navya was released on her YouTube channel on Thursday. Titled Swipe Scroll Snap, it featured Navya, her mother Shweta Nanda and grandmother Jaya Bachchan, and the topic of conversation was internet. (Also read: Jaya Bachchan says bad manners in a relationship is a red flag: Have you ever heard me call my husband ‘tum’?)

Jaya Bachchan talked about anxiety attacks in the latest episode.

What Jaya said about anxiety attacks

During the episode, Jaya Bachchan shared how the internet provides a sense of validation for the younger generation. When that adds to stress, it leads to anxiety attacks. 

She said: “You don’t think you are stressed but you are. We hadn’t heard of an anxiety attack when we were kids. Let alone our childhood, we never heard it in our midlife also. Where does this come from? This comes because you are constantly being fed information. This comes from ‘how does this girl look? How is she getting her nails, makeup?’ Anxiety comes from this. Too much information.” 

Shweta responded to this saying that she does not agree with her opinion, and said that anxiety was always there but its just more identifiable these days.

On shopping online

In the same episode, Jaya also talked about how she tried shopping on the internet. She then added that she was very dissatisfied with the product when it was delivered. She added that the ‘technological progress’ is good for everyone involved. Shweta thought otherwise and said that she shops for everything from clothes to makeup online, because she would not like to stand in a line. Jaya immediately joked, “I’ve never had to stand in line.” 


Jaya also shared her views on AI. She said, “This is what technology does. Technology takes you up, but ultimately it cannot become a human. It will have a rippling effect and then people will say, ‘This is not good. Let’s go back to how things were.’”

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