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Sreejita De and Michael Blohm-Pape got married in July 2023. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Sreejita De praised her husband Michael Blohm-Pape for managing their home and caring for their two dogs while balancing his work commitments.

Television star Sreejita De recently made her small screen comeback with the ongoing supernatural daily soap Shaitani Rasmein. In the show, the actress plays the negative character of Chaya Dayan and Sreejita has been successful in winning the hearts of the viewers. Following her marriage with long-time boyfriend Michael Blohm-Pape in July 2023, this marks Sreejita’s return to television after a hiatus. Due to her busy shooting schedule, the former Bigg Boss contestant credits her supportive partner for managing their home and caring for their two dogs while balancing his work commitments.

Now, due to her demanding shooting schedule, Sreejita only gets to spend time with Michael after work and expresses her desire to create special memories with him on a blue island.

In a recent conversation with ETimes, the actress appreciating her husband said, “Michael has been more supportive than ever. When I was doing Nazar, we were dating at that time, we dated for 5 and a half years. He had seen me going for the shoot but at that time we were dating so we had fixed timings, we could meet when we got free. And with Bigg Boss, he was prepared that we weren’t going to see each other for another 2-3 months. So we were mentally prepared.”

“I would love to spend quality time with Michael on a blue island, but with Shaitani Rasmein, it just suddenly happened and I was on the set shooting and not coming back home. He is very supportive and understanding. I also have two dogs at home, he has his own work and everything but he is managing very well. I am saying this proudly that I was not expecting this much as usually when I am home, he is quite dependent on me. Especially for the household and kitchen chores and I really like it. But he is managing very well,” Sreejita De added.

Talking about returning to the TV set, Sreejita states that it feels like coming back home. As an actor, she admits to missing the thrill of playing characters and performing action scenes, which provides her unique sense of satisfaction. However, she also feels challenging to balance her professional commitments with her personal life, especially since her last full-fledged show was Nazar and Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka. The actress further admits that she misses her life at home, including her gymnastics, sleep and various responsibilities as a married woman.

Sreejita De tied the knot with Michael Blohm-Pape in a Christian wedding ceremony in Germany on July 1, 2023. Later that year, they also had a Bengali marriage ceremony in Goa. The couple have been together since 2019. Meanwhile, Sreejita and Michael’s love story blossomed and soon the two got engaged in 2021. The proposal itself was a romantic affair, as Michael proposed to her under the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.


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