Summer is here, and so are the colourful produce offerings it brings. Right now, the market is bustling with summer fruits and veggies, especially mangoes. In this scorching heat, there is nothing more satisfying than indulging in a juicy and pulpy mango. This is why it is truly a favourite fruit for people of all age groups. From easy mango salad to drool-worthy mango desserts, you can make several recipes with the King of Fruits. What’s more, mango isn’t just about pulpy texture and sweet flavour but also boasts several health benefits.

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Digital creator ‘OhCheatDay,’ also known as Shreya Agarwala, shared a simple recipe to make Hong Kong-style mango pancakes that don’t require much effort. It is made from simple pantry ingredients and will leave your friends and family asking for more!

Watch the full video below:

How To Make Hong Kong Style Mango Pancakes

In her Instagram video, Shreya Agarwala shared an easy recipe to make Hong Kong-style mango pancakes. Start by making a crepe batter using flour, warm milk, sugar, salt, melted butter, and turmeric powder/yellow food colouring. Mix all the ingredients so that it becomes a slurry. Add more milk to the batter, as Agarwala insists that the final result should be of a spreadable consistency. Once you have added the milk to the batter, mix well.

Heat a skillet and pour the yellow crepe batter on it. Spread it in a spherical shape and let the batter cook. Agarwala points out that the crepe would be super thin and delicate, so you should be careful while removing it from the skillet. An easy way to remove the crepe, as per Agarwala, is to simply invert it on a plate to let it cool down.

In the meantime, take a mango and wash it. Remove its peel and cut the flesh into big chunks. Once the crepes have cooled down, spread a generous layer of whipped cream and add the mango chunks to it. Top it with some more whipped cream and wrap the crepe into a small pocket. Refrigerate the mango pancakes so that the ingredients become tight. Garnish the mango pancakes with icing sugar and serve!

4 Mango Desserts To Try This Summer

If you’re a fan of the “king of fruits,” then you should definitely try some other mango delicacies that you can prepare at home.

1. Mango Yogurt

Easy to make and so delicious, mango yogurt is loved by kids and adults alike. This tasty dessert is made with fresh mango pulp and curd. Find the full recipe here.

2. Mango Mousse

Prepared in under 15 minutes, mango mousse is made with simple ingredients but will definitely leave your kids asking for more. All you need is mango pulp, mango slices, mint leaves, and cherry. Find the full recipe here.

3. Mango Shahi Tukda

Classic bread pudding with a twist, mango shahi tukda is for those who want this fruit’s taste with everything. What’s more, give your friends and family a nutty surprise by topping with dried fruits and nuts. Find the full recipe here.

4. Mango Ice Cream

Easy to make homemade ice cream recipe, mango ice cream is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. The best part is that you can easily alter the sweetness of this ice cream as per your needs. Find the full recipe here.

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