Dosa might be a South Indian delicacy, but it is loved all over India. The thin-as-a-paper dish is known for its crispy-soft exterior and delectable mashed aloo stuffing inside. There are several types of dosas available, with the most common ones being butter, masala, and rava dosas. But we bet you haven’t heard of this one — chocolate banana dosa. With culinary experiments on the rise thanks to the internet and food vloggers, a video of a street-side vendor preparing dosas with bananas and chocolate as fillings has both bemused and shocked social media users. Shared on Instagram by food vlogger Sukrit Jain, the visual footage began with the street chef pouring a bowl of dosa batter into a tawa. Spreading it uniformly, he spurted dollops of coconut chutney and stirred the batter with a cooking spatula. Now, for the most bizarre part. The cook added square-shaped chocolate chunks, mixed them well, and sprinkled some cheese to enhance the flavour. 

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If you thought that the experiment was over, you are wrong. The vendor then turned his attention towards peeling a couple of bananas — an ingredient, almost never used to prepare dosas. After placing the bananas on the chocolate-cheese-coated batter, he sliced the fruit into small pieces with the spatula. After cooking for some time, he finally rolled out the mixture, cut the dosa into smaller parts, and served the golden-brown cuisine on a plate. An additional drizzle of chocolate syrup, topped with cherries completed the experiment.

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The post not only received multiple views, but the internet population also dropped their opinions on the unique chocolate banana dosa. “Tried this combination in Banaras. Taste is quite decent to my surprise,” wrote one foodie. 

“Looks appetising….can be tried,” agreed another. 

A person found it similar to a “French desert Crepe

Strongly opposing the offbeat preparation, an individual remarked, “No. No and no.”

Aise cook ko narak mein bhi jagah nahi milegi (Cooks like him will not even get a place in hell),” noted a discontent user. 

One food enthusiast simply concluded, “Dosa died”. 

Would you like to have a bite of this culinary experiment?


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