There is something special about the food cooked by our mothers and grandmothers that just hits differently. It is about the love and care that they pour into every dish. There is no denying the comfort and joy that comes from savouring a meal made by our loved ones. In this viral video circulating on Instagram, we will see the magic of a grandmother’s traditional cooking methods. The video shows an elderly grandmother preparing barbeque fry drumsticks. She set up a makeshift pit in the ground, surrounding it with bricks, and lit a fire. Placing a bunch of drumsticks over the flames, she patiently charred them to perfection.
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Once done, she cleaned them with water and removed the seeds and fibres of each one with the help of a spoon, which she kept separately. Next, she heated a pot over the fire and added mustard oil, mustard seeds, urad dal, garlic, green chillies, some chopped tomatoes, onions, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, and salt, along with the prepared drumstick components she had initially separated. After allowing the mixture to simmer and stirring it continuously, a delicious-looking batch of barbeque drumsticks was soon ready to be served.

Take a look here: 

The wholesome video has captured the internet’s attention, quickly going viral with over 60 million views, and garnering widespread admiration for the grandmother.

A user commented, “Not only a yummy meal but also nutritionally beneficial. Look at her.”

Another added, “This amazing lady is my hero. I wish I could be next to her, helping her, learning from ageless experiences. These are the strong women that our country should appreciate and honour. Full salute to her.”

“Wonderful thing she did was to not include the burnt side of the drumstick. Grandmothers know well about health & hygiene,” read another comment, while a user quipped, “Old is gold.”

Someone else suggested, “This is one way ..like a barbecue method… But burning and discarding the outside and only going for the soft inside is actually wasteful…most traditional South Indian families will just wash the mornings, maybe slightly scrape it with a peeler or a knife and add the cut pieces to the curry or sambar.”
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