When it comes to in-flight dining, airlines often prioritise offering a range of vegetarian food options, making them more readily available than non-vegetarian choices. However, this might not be great for those who prefer non-vegetarian meals. Recently, a passenger complained on social media about the lack of non-vegetarian choices on a Vistara flight. Quoting a flight attendant who mentioned that they did not serve non-vegetarians because this is a short flight, the flyer criticised Vistara, labelling them as a “half-service airline.” The passenger, sharing their thoughts on X (formerly Twitter), questioned the logic behind the airline’s policy, humorously suggesting whether the airline had plans to install a tandoor for longer flights.

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“‘We don’t serve non-veg bcoz this is a short flight’ -stewardess on Vistara flight today. I don’t get the connection between duration & non-veg. Were they planning to fire up a tandoor on the plane if it was a long flight? Vistara should call themselves a half-service airline!!”

People on social media had a lot to say about the incident.

A user commented, “So Vistara shouldn’t be asking for your food preferences while booking a flight. I hope they know if this goes to court, they will lose. Because they offer non-veg while booking but you don’t get to eat it up in the sky.”

Another complained, “Forget about food choices bw veg n non-veg, their food quality of what they serve is getting worst by each flight. In the name of meal kuch bhi kiloge kya? Fares are soaring quality is declining. Use AI in providing customer service as well not just hiking prices.@airvistara.”

“Guess it means that they don’t stock variety. And non veg guys can eat Veg. Veg guys cannot eat non veg,” someone stated.

Meanwhile, a user explained, “Saves a lot on time I think.  They don’t have to ask each person which they prefer – “veg or non-veg?” Then some ask what is the snack / meal in each before deciding. It’s just time saving & practical & everyone can grab a bite on a short flight.”

Someone else wrote, “The quantity and quality of food depends on the air fare. Shorter the flight, lesser the fare and hence worse the food. With such business modeL, wouldn’t it make sense to allow passengers to buy Vegan and Meat snack?”

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Vistara responded to the complaint acknowledging the passenger’s preferences and explained, “While we constantly make enhancements, the mentioned flight was a short flight with slightly less flying time. As a process, we currently serve vegetarian meals in your booked cabin.” “The services are set, keeping in mind that all customers should be served and necessary procedures to be completed by the crew well within the time. We appreciate your understanding of the same and hope to delight you soon,” the added.

What do you think about this Airline policy? 


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