Food is an integral part of every celebration, whether it’s a simple get-together, a birthday party, or a grand wedding. Good food enhances every festivity, making it extra special. While taste is paramount for food lovers, hygiene also plays an equally important role. In a recent video circulating on Instagram, a man can be seen preparing noodles at a counter in what appears to be a grand event. However, instead of using a ladle, he opts to use his bare hands and a spoon. Yes, you read that correctly. In a wok filled with noodles, his hands, covered in noodles, are seen mixing the dish multiple times. 

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Take a look at the video below:

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After watching the video, people expressed concerns about hygiene in the comment section.

A user wrote, “Aaj se barat ka khana khana band [From now onwards, I will stop eating in weddings.]”

Another added, “Mai meri bhains ko aise hi chaara deta hu [I feed my buffalo like this].” 

A comment read, “Bhaiya ak plate jo hatho ke uper laga hai ..dena mughe kachre me dalna hai. [Brother, give me a plate full of noodles that are covering your hands. I need to put it in the trash.]” 

Main nhi khaungi [I will not eat]” was the sentiment on social media. 

A few called it “yuckkkk.” 

A person said, “Free me to yahi milega [You’ll only get this for free here.]” 

Someone else added, “Rehne de Bhai tu maat bana chow mein  [Never mind, brother, don’t make noodles.]” 

It is not the first time that a video showing unhygienic food practices has gone viral on Instagram. Previously, a disturbing video tour of a commercial bakery surfaced, shedding light on concerning practices. The footage reveals a worker carelessly tossing eggs into a bucket, subsequently pouring the dubious mixture into a machine. Surprisingly, instead of cocoa powder, the bakery employs food colouring essence to simulate chocolate flavour. 

As the mixing process progresses, a particularly unsettling scene unfolds – a worker plunges elbow-deep into flour, while manually kneading the dough. Click here to read all about it in detail. 


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