Veteran star Neena Gupta is back with her cooking diaries. The actress’ social media timeline has often expressed her love for home-cooked meals and she has never shied away from sharing glimpses of her culinary skills. On Friday, Neena Gupta treated her fans to the lip-smacking recipe of sua saag prepared with moong dal. The clip begins with Neena Gupta tempering green chillies, chopped garlic and onion in oil. Next, she added soaked moong dal and salt to taste in the mixture, after the chopped onions turned transparent in texture. The actress said that once the mixture is roasted properly, she will add sua saag (dill leaves), which was already chopped and kept aside. She can be heard saying, “It is very healthy. Isko chota chota kata hai. [I have chopped it in fine pieces].”
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In January, Neena Gupta taught us how to make paneer at home. After boiling milk, she added some lemon juice to it and mixed it. The milk started to curdle. Then, she poured it into a strainer covered with a thin cloth. She placed the strainer over a vessel. The solids from the heated milk mixture were collected in the cloth, while the liquid was discarded. Then she washed the milk solids with cold water. While washing it for a minute, Neena Gupta specified that cold water would help the paneer formation. Next, she tied the cloth into a knot, sealing the solids inside. Neena Gupta explained that setting time may vary. Sharing the video on Instagram, Neena Gupta wrote, “Homemade paneer in Sydney! 1-litre milk. 1/2 lemon juice. Keep the mixture pressed against something heavy for 30-40 mins & your yummy paneer is ready!”

Earlier, the actress also taught us to make Paneer ki ulte tawe ki roti. The video, which she shared on Instagram, begins with the actress saying, “Aaj hum paneer ki ulte tawe ki roti banayenge (Today, we will make an inverted griddle-cooked bread with paneer).” Firstly, she exhibits all the chopped vegetables that she will be stuffing in the flatbread. While demonstrating how the dish is made, she can be heard saying, “This is so filling that only two rotis are enough for a person.” After mixing all the vegetables with salt, she places them on top of the flat dough. Once done, Neena Gupta closes the opening in the dough to make it a ball. Next, she rolls it up again. Along with the clip, she wrote, “Healthy Dinner.”

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