Who doesn’t like to munch on chips? Be it during binge-watch sessions or in the middle of the night, munching on a packet of potato chips seems like a one-stop solution to all foodie dilemmas. So it is no surprise that a video of a confectionery shop worker making potato chips is going viral. The clip was shared by an Instagram user ‘@rajiv_choudhary_vlogs’ and begins with the worker filling one entire bucket with potatoes. Next, he transfers the potatoes to a machine. While the potatoes are moving in the machine, the worker can be seen continuously pouring water into it. Keeping the hygiene factor in mind, the worker cleans the potatoes twins. After they come out from the machine, he soaks them in a tub full of water. Meanwhile, he has left the oil to heat up in a huge wok. Once the oil is ready, he starts grating the potatoes into it. The worker slices three potatoes at once. Once the crispy chips are ready, he takes them out in a tub and seasons it with some flavouring spice.
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Check out the making of potato wafers here:

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The worker’s speed impressed the internet. Several users lauded his efforts in the comments section. In addition, the chips seemed so appetising to a few that they went ahead and asked for the address of the shop. A comment read, “I like hard-working people. God bless your hustle.”

Another read, “Where is this shop please address?”

A user wrote, “Appreciate his speed of making chips.”

“Nice crispppy chips,” said another.

Pointing out the hygiene, a user said, “Clear space, clear man and a clear oil, good job man,”

Apart from this, the comments section was flooded with heart eyes, fire, clapping emoticons and many writing “Good job.”

Would you like to try out these seasoned crispy potato chips?


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