NEW DELHI/SRINAGAR: Srinagar witnessed an extraordinary moment as a Kashmiri youth Nazim Nazeer’s dream materialized on Thursday, capturing a selfie with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who affectionately dubbed him a “friend.” Nazim’s journey, marked by the establishment of a thriving beekeeping unit, earned him recognition among a select group invited to engage with PM Modi after his public address at Bakshi Stadium. Expressing his aspiration, Nazim sought a memorable snapshot with the PM, which materialized into a shared selfie promptly shared on social media.

The Prime Minister later posted a tweet along with the selfie with Nazeer. “A memorable selfie with my friend Nazim. I was impressed by the good work he’s doing. At the public meeting, he requested a selfie and was happy to meet him. My best wishes for his future endeavours,” PM Modi wrote on X.



Harbinger Of ‘Sweet Revolution’: PM

PM Modi, acknowledging Nazim’s exceptional contributions to the beekeeping sector, praised him for instigating a “sweet revolution.” Reflecting on Nazim’s narrative, PM Modi commended his transformative impact, likening it to the green and white revolutions. “We have heard of green revolution and white revolution but you have brought about sweet revolution,” PM Modi said after listening to Nazeer’s story.



Entrepreneurial Triumph

Narrating his entrepreneurial voyage, Nazim disclosed his modest beginnings with two bee boxes evolving into a lucrative enterprise, propelled by strategic government support and financial assistance. His expansion, from 25 to 2000 boxes, alongside empowering fellow youths, underscores his commitment to growth and community development.

Shaping Nation’s Trajectory

PM Modi’s counsel to Nazim, urging exploration of Central Asian beekeeping methodologies, underscores a commitment to continuous learning and innovation. Emphasizing the pivotal role of youth leadership, PM Modi commended Nazim for shaping the nation’s trajectory and lauded his contributions.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs In J&K

In a poignant exchange, PM Modi engaged with a group of young women entrepreneurs, celebrating their resilience and determination in establishing a bakery post acquiring food technology skills. Their success story, buoyed by government initiatives like streamlined clearances, exemplifies empowerment and self-reliance.

Amidst PM Modi’s visit to Kashmir, his first since the abrogation of Article 370, political implications loom large. The event, perceived as a prelude to impending general elections, unfolds against the backdrop of the region’s evolving socio-political landscape. “Whenever I came here after 2014, I have always said that I am working hard only to win your hearts and I am seeing that I have been able to win your hearts. I will keep trying hard. This is Modi ki guarantee and you know that ‘Modi ki grantee’ means, there is a guarantee of fulfilling the guarantee,” PM Modi said while addressing a public gathering in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

Nazim’s encounter with PM Modi signifies more than a mere photo opportunity; it epitomizes aspiration, innovation, and community empowerment. As Kashmir navigates a complex political terrain, narratives like Nazim’s serve as catalysts for change, embodying the essence of resilience and opportunity in the Valley.


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