As the temperatures rise during the summer months, finding ways to beat the heat becomes a top priority for many. Fortunately, nature offers a bounty of delicious and refreshing foods that can help cool down and keep you feeling refreshed all season long. We come across so many delicious recipes every now and then, which can help keep your body cool down.
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Recently, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared a video on her Instagram page where she talked about an Arab recipe that not only helps keep the heat away but provides relief from constipation as well.She captioned the video as, “As we enter summer and the temperatures climb, here’s an easy recipe to keep calm. A tradition in the Arab world is to keep the stomach and mind cool during scorching heat.”
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She talked about Date Raita, which is an excellent way to include dates in your summer diet. As per the video, this raita is prepared with just 4 ingredients and is made using homemade curd, which is sour in taste. It is flavoured with black salt, tawa roasted cumin powder, and soaked dates. For this recipe, the dates are soaked in water for about 30 minutes and then chopped in small pieces while the seed is thrown away.

Well, this is one of the most easiest raita recipes one can make at home for Iftar parties. Just take the curd bowl and whisk it well to make it creamy. Next, add the finely chopped dates in it and mix well. This will impart a sweet flavour to the sour curd. Then, add a pinch of black salt and tawa roasted cumin powder, and mix very well. Enjoy it in the Iftar as it helps you get rid of exhaustion and provides the much-required energy at the end of the day. Rujuta also explained in the comment box that those who are not fasting can enjoy this dish for lunch or dinner to get the best benefits.In the end of the video, Rujuta also explained that we must include this Raita in our summer diet as it can help deal with all the summer issues. It is extremely good for people who are experiencing hair loss and low haemoglobin levels. Date Raita can even help boost your mood and deal with PMS. Also, if you are someone who has stomach-related ailments like gas, bloating and acidity, this Date Raita is a must!

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