Considering the amount of cases wherein a man seeks divorce from him wife on the basis of cruelty, we asked Priyanka Kapoor- Psychotherapist and a Couple Counsellor, that there’s a fine line between mental cruelty and disrespect in relationships which can be a cause for divorce. So, how would one define it? To this, she replied, “Mental cruelty is not only about disrespect but also about emotional and mental abuse. When you attack the person’s character, self-worth, self-esteem and takes away complete self-love and dignity from the person, and leaves them with guilt, humiliation, trauma, resentment, emptiness, hatred, regrets, helplessness and loneliness– it is mental cruelty. This happens when one lies, manipulates, dominates, blames, gaslights, verbally abuses, discredits or deprives one of emotional, mental, financial, physical, or material support to their partner.
“Disrespect is a byproduct of mental cruelty. Disrespect is about not validating and acknowledging one’s emotions, thoughts, opinions, autonomy, and needs. they are actions and behaviours in which one belittles others, crosses boundaries, violates trust or undermines the partner’s sense of self-worth.”


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