The obsession with fairness cream is not unknown to all. The likeness for a fair complexion is not deeply rooted in the society many find it difficult to detach themselves from this false standard of beauty. Using fairness cream has become a part of the daily routine of many. Apart from personal choice, tall claims made by companies selling them lure people into buying these.However, there are several pitfalls in using fairness creams that are often overlooked.
Recently, two women from Raigad developed kidney diseases, a complication they developed after using fairness cream.
The patient 24-year-old Ms Namita Shinde (name changed), was using a herbal fairness cream prescribed by the local doctor for over 8 months. Similarly, a patient 56-year-old Mr Ramesh More (name changed) was using the herbal fairness cream prescribed by the barber for 3-4 months. Both the creams had herbal ingredients on the labeling. They experienced body swelling and consulted Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai for further medical intervention.

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Dr Amit Langote, Head of the Nephrology Department, and Kidney Transplant, Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai said, “On arrival, the patients had body swelling and a large amount of protein in the urine. Their kidney biopsies indicated membranous nephropathy along with presence of NELL-1 antigen, associated with cancer, as well as toxic and heavy metals such as found in skin-lightening creams. Male patient was initially screened for cancer, and upon further investigation, he disclosed that his barber had provided him with a skin-lightening cream which he used for 5 months before discontinuing. His blood mercury levels on further testing were found to be elevated. Following this discovery, the patient was prescribed medication which led to a reduction in protein levels in his urine and marked improvement in his kidney condition.” Dr. Langote had treated both the women.
Dr Langote added, “The female patient too tested positive for the NELL-1 antigen and disclosed using a foreign-made fairness cream prescribed by her local doctor, which resulted in elevated blood mercury levels. The patient is currently undergoing treatment for the same. These patients are fortunate to have timely treatment. Many people use non-FDA-approved fairness creams and suffer complications that are undiagnosed in the majority of the causes. High mercury content in the cream suppresses melanocytes in the skin responsible for skin pigmentation. Home-based cream makers (barbers or salons who sell the creams) often knowingly use mercury in the cream, unaware of its harm to the body. Using uncertified fairness products with undisclosed ingredients can endanger kidney health and overall well-being. Consumers should avoid purchasing products without proper authorization from qualified experts and opt for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved creams to ensure safety. Most of these creams don’t indicate the hidden toxic metals/ mercury in them. In fact, labels only show plant-based ingredients luring consumers to use them as being safe. Those who use any kind of fairness products should first consult a doctor and understand their side effects.”


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