True friends who love us are like a pillar of support in life.

A person is not your friend if his speech is meant to break your confidence.

Friends are a valuable source of emotional and practical support in our lives. Research says that people blessed with good friendships experience less stress in life, which helps them have better mental and physical health. Trusting toxic friends can be detrimental, as they may not provide the proper mental support, empathy, or loyalty one needs when they are feeling low. Today, let’s look at the signs that show that they should move on from their toxic friendship.

  1. Betrayal: A friend who breaks your promises and gossips behind your back should never be trusted; refrain from sharing any information with them.
  2. Superior attitude: A person is not your friend if his speech is meant to break your confidence. As they will always think that they are bigger than you. They will never appreciate your achievements.
  3. Argumentative: A person with a superior mindset likes to be in control during discussions. They don’t always speak openly. Their speech will provoke a fight. Do not accept such people as friends.
  4. Constant Criticism: A person who criticises you without any reason is not your friend. They will have an alternative opinion to whatever you do. Such criticisms can break your confidence. So one should stay away from this kind of friendship.
  5. Selfishness: A selfish friend focuses only on his own needs and goals rather than on things that are mutually beneficial to the friendship. So one should understand the trait and stay away from selfish friendships.
  6. Lack of support: One cannot always expect support from a friend who does not have goodwill. No matter how difficult a situation they are in, they will ignore it. One won’t get help, even if they ask for it. So one should try to avoid this kind of person in their life.
  7. Jealousy: Someone who doesn’t want you to get close to other friends can’t be a good friend for you. But they always talk to other people, and they don’t want you to spend time with them. They will aim to isolate you from other friends.

True friends who love us are like a pillar of our lives. We need such valuable friendships forever in our lives. The help of good friends is essential, especially in times of failure and depression. So, one needs to identify and keep aside those people who may always be doing things against us in the name of friends, and choose friends wisely.


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