The answer is fairly simple but might need some explanation. To be put briefly, students, elders, married people (both men and women), children and anyone who has not given up on his worldly and material desires should not be playing Masaan holi.
The cremation grounds and the ash that is present there is not something that should be played with, in fact, the cremation ground should not just be entered by anybody. There are rules and regulations for entering merely inside the ground. And with all the rules in place, it is a sad state to see almost anyone playing Masaan Holi for a trend and because of not having enough knowledge.
Further, a person who is married, has a family or is still studying or is in the prime of their life, if they start playing Masaan Holi and smearing themselves with ashes of the dead and deceased, how does it sit right with them? A living human who has his or her ties and relations with the world, should not be engaging in an act that involves the dead.


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