Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City are hogging the top 3 spots on the English Premier League table and for fans, things just could not have been better going into the final weeks of the season. Yes, the weekend match between Arsenal and Manchester City may have ended in a draw, but that was not due to lack of trying, at least by Pep Guardiola’s side, and there were plenty of interesting moments to remember, especially the ones involving Erling Haaland and Gabriel! The opposing duo clashed constantly during the match that finished 0-0 and almost came to blows at the end of the encounter that left the City frontman frustrated.

While Liverpool has a clear advantage and Arsenal have shown resolve, Manchester City are likely to emerge EPL winners, says BBC columnist Alan Shearer.(AP)

Up to the challenge

Be that as it may, with these 3 teams so closely placed, who is the favorite to lift the trophy? Whether it is Jurgen Klopp, Guardiola or Mikel Arteta, all the three coaches have shown an incredible versatility to surmount challenges throughout the season.

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While the guessing game can be pretty nervy, some former players, now TV pundits or columnists, are not hesitating in revealing what is on their mind about how the season will end and which city the EPL trophy will be heading for. The man under the spotlight now is the former Newcastle icon Alan Shearer.

Cream will rise to the top

In his column for the BBC, Shearer says that even though Liverpool clearly has a huge advantage, his favorite to lift the title is Manchester City. He did not expect Arsenal to fade away, something that the Arteta-led side did last year, frittering away a massive advantage.

This belief in City is despite the fact that it has not defeated a top 5 side this season, and that they have not played at the “level we have come to expect”. However, City is also unbeaten in 23 games across all competitions and that gives hope.

Notably, Manchester City was Shearer’s top pick to lift the title very early in the season and he is sticking to his guns. He says, “I am certainly not going to change my mind now.”


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