Despite not being a part of the US, a market where pickup trucks are ubiquitous, BYD has developed a one, which looks to be very promising. BYD will launch their EV pickup by the end of 2024

Newly released images offer a glimpse at what appears to be the first all-electric pickup truck from BYD, the Chinese EV giant. Although camouflaged, the images show a mid- to full-size pickup truck, which, reports suggest is set to debut before the end of 2024.

BYD, a prominent global EV manufacturer based in China, has been steadily gaining traction in the EV sector. Notably, the company briefly claimed the title of the world’s largest EV seller at the close of 2023, surpassing Tesla, before relinquishing the top spot following a challenging first quarter.

In 2024 alone, BYD has forecasted that they will grab about 50% market share for New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in China within the next three months. Additionally, the company has launched multiple new models under its flagship and subsidiary brands, started production in Thailand, and even expanding its sales across Europe.

Among the new offerings possibly heading to markets both within and beyond China is a forthcoming all-electric pickup truck from BYD.

The recently revealed images, suggest that BYD aims to introduce its debut electric pickup model globally later this year. Sources close to the EV’s development have described the pickup as mid- to full-size, slightly larger than Toyota’s recently unveiled electric Hilux truck.

These images mark the latest development in a two-year journey surrounding the potential release of a BYD-branded electric pickup. Speculation about such a model first surfaced on Chinese social media in 2022, spurred by leaked road-testing images.

While initial rumours suggested the pickup might be launched under BYD’s “F Brand,” later known as Formula Bao, the regulatory limitations on pickups in China may have influenced BYD’s decision to target other markets for its large EV debut.

Additional details about the electric pickup remain scarce, but BYD representatives have confirmed that the vehicle is positioned as a midsize-to-large model designed for global markets. The automaker refrained from commenting on the camouflaged images, sourced from an anonymous provider.

With BYD’s proven track record of success across numerous EV models, the introduction of a pickup truck feels like a natural progression to cater to a broader spectrum of global vehicle segments.

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