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X community notes helps people share accurate information to posts on the platform

X Community Notes is shown on posts that has wrong details and contributors can help offer the accurate details on it.

Elon Musk-owned social platform X has announced its first set of community note contributors from India this week. The feature basically is X’s version of fact-checking the posts on the platform from users, and correcting the information with proper attribution offered. You can see these notes in a box at the bottom of the post with the tag ‘Readers added context,’ and giving you the right information.

Contributors from India will be expected to follow the community notes guidelines and make sure the content available to the public is not only accurate but also shares a bi-partisan view point. X claims community notes are, “empowering users to create a better-informed world. We’re open source and data is publicly available.”

With the new addition from India, the platform claims community notes now have contributors in 69 countries around the world, and it is adding more regularly.

Community Notes On X: How To Become A Contributor And How It Works

X started community notes to inform people about possible misinformation that some of its users might share on the platform.

As it says, “Community Notes is a collaborative way to keep people better informed.” The use of contributors might sound like a fancy structure but it is generally people like us who form part of the network, which is globally expanding and needs to, if X wants to tackle the fake news menace. Having said that, the platform has a three-stage process based on which you can sign up as a contributor, these are:

– No violations of X rules since Jan 1, 2023

– Joined X at least 6 months ago

– Having a verified phone number from a trusted phone carrier and also making sure it is not associated with other Community Notes accounts.

In addition to this, X wants the contributor to uphold its community notes value which talks about, contributing to build understanding, act in a good faith on their notes and don’t be against people who disagree with your views. Once you agree to these terms, X will then follow up with a DM on your account and get further details before signing you up as a contributor.

If you are onboarded, you can start with the ability to rate notes, and over time, can earn the ability to write. The platform is also making it clear that it doesn’t define the parameters of the information shown in the notes, the people, or in this case, the contributors do.


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