New Delhi: Google has introduced a new feature for its AI-powered chatbot, Gemini, offering users more control over the responses generated by the bot. This feature allows users to modify specific portions of text within the response, providing a more tailored experience.

In the latest update, users can now select and adjust particular parts of the text generated by Gemini. This feature empowers users to make changes to the response’s content, and length, or completely remove certain sections. (Also Read: Good News For Job Seekers! Elon Musk’s Firm X Has Over 1 Million Openings)

Initially available in English on the Gemini web app, this feature enhances the precision of response tuning. (Also Read: India AI Mission: Check 8 Key Components Of Cabinet’s Newly Launched Plan)

Editing Process

Google described the new feature as a more precise way for users to fine-tune Gemini’s responses. By simply selecting the portion of text they want to modify and providing instructions, users can obtain an output that aligns more closely with their preferences.

Creative Control

Explaining the motivation behind the feature, Google emphasized its commitment to providing users with greater control over their creative process.

This new functionality allows users to iterate on content and ideas within the context of the original response, fostering a more collaborative and customizable experience.

Editing Options

After generating a response, users can highlight any part of the text and access editing options by hovering over a pencil icon with the Gemini logo.

The options available include ‘Regenerate,’ ‘Shorter,’ ‘Longer,’ and ‘Remove,’ each serving a specific purpose to modify the selected text as per the user’s preference.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface is designed to simplify the editing process, allowing users to seamlessly adjust the length or content of the response with just a few clicks. Users can also add prompts to further customize the selected text as needed.


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