Last Updated: March 29, 2024, 08:00 IST

The new Maps features are coming in at the right time before the holiday season

Google Maps continues to evolve and help people travel with its accurate navigation tech and other useful features.

Google has added three new features to Maps as the summer travel or holiday season approaches. Not only that but according to Google, users will begin to see new design upgrades that offer Maps a fresh new look. The new design offers a cleaner home page with fewer tabs as well as new pin colours to help you discover places on the map. Google Maps is a commonly used navigation tool or app around the world. One reason is that it is packed with useful features that Google keeps updating to make it better.

To begin with, Google Maps is simplifying the process of locating the ideal spots for dining and sightseeing. Google has collaborated with professionals and residents in certain cities across the United States and Canada to provide you with curated restaurant recommendations. Search for your desired city and swipe up to get recommendations. You will find listings from reputable sources such as The Infatuation and Lonely Planet, as well as hidden gems and trendy spots.

The Trending list highlights the hottest new restaurants, which are updated weekly depending on what people are talking about on Maps. The Top list covers the community’s all-time favourite restaurants, the tried-and-true staples. Finally, there are hidden gems, which are local favourites that may not yet be popular.

Furthermore, Google Maps makes it easier to organise and share your favourite destinations. You may now make lists to keep track of where you wish to travel or where you’ve gone. Creating a list is simple: just touch “New list” on the Saved tab. Then, if you locate an interesting location on Maps, you may add it to your list.

In addition, you can also include links to your social media posts such as a review you made on a fantastic restaurant. This will help you recall why a location merits a spot on your list and make your recommendations more useful. This update will be available for Android and iOS devices worldwide later this month, as per reports.

You can also get a quick feel for a location before you go. Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) evaluates reviews and photographs to show you what people love the best. AI can now identify dishes in photographs, which is ideal for navigating new menus. Look up the name of that delectable food, its price, its popularity, and whether it’s vegetarian or vegan. Google says that all of this information might help you decide whether you need to book a reservation or not.


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