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Blend on Instagram is the latest feature being tested for Reels users

The new Instagram feature aims to create a private feed of recommended Reels based on the interests of a user and their friend.

Instagram is working on a new feature called Blend which is expected to allow Instagram users to watch Reels simultaneously with their friends. Instagram Reels has been a very popular way for people to connect better with their friends and followers by sharing a short-duration video on a topic of their interest.

Now this feature, Blend, currently in the prototype stage, aims to create a private feed of recommended Reels based on the interests of a user and their friend. The idea behind Blend is to make the experience of watching Reels more interactive and enjoyable by enabling collaborative sharing.

With Blend, you can invite a friend to join, and Instagram’s algorithm will curate a feed with Reels that it believes both of you might like. This curation is based on your viewing habits and the Reels you have shared with each other previously.

The new feature was initially pointed out by engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who noted that the private feed would be generated based on the reels shared between the users. Furthermore, the screenshot of the feature shared by Paluzzi on X (Formerly Twitter) revealed that the new feed would be exclusive to the two users only, and they would have the option to exit Blend at any time.

To help you visualise it, think of Blend as similar to Spotify’s Blend playlist, which combines the selected songs of two different users into one playlist. Released in 2021, this Spotify feature of the same name, allows users to curate their favourite songs together into a shared playlist, reports TechCrunch. Similar to this, instead of songs, Instagram’s Blend aims to combine your Reel interests into a single vertical video feed specifically for the two of you.

It is not clear whether Blends will continuously update with new video suggestions or refresh on a set schedule.

While Instagram has not provided many details about Blend, and there is no guarantee about when it will be launched for the general public, this feature surely seems to have the potential to enhance the social viewing experience on the platform. It could create a more personalised and engaging way for friends to discover and enjoy Reels together.


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