Last Updated: February 23, 2024, 17:28 IST

WhatsApp users can protect their profile picture

WhatsApp users can prevent their photos from being stalked using this feature that is now being tested in the beta version.

WhatsApp has already blocked people from taking screenshots of one-view photos or videos but soon, the same feature will be enabled for your profile pictures as well. The upcoming option has been spotted in the Android beta version that will be rolled out publicly in the next few weeks.

WhatsApp lets people have their profile pictures but for the longest time, people have pointed out the lack of safety if someone tries to screenshot their photo which is a privacy nightmare and can be used with wrongful intentions.

Taking a screenshot is a serious invasion of a person’s privacy and in most cases you don’t even come to know when someone does that with your picture. However, WhatsApp has found a nifty way of alerting the person, and the same will be applicable when they try to capture the profile picture as well.

The messaging app will first offer a black screen instead of capturing the photo, and inform the owner with a message that says, “Can’t take a screenshot due to app restrictions.” It seems WhatsApp is not going to have this privacy feature optional, which means you cannot manually change the privacy settings, just in case you feel like doing it.

WhatsApp isn’t the only Meta-owned platform to support this feature. Facebook has provided a unique Profile Picture guard tool that blocks others from taking a screenshot of the photo. The messaging app is also working on new formatting styles for text, and recently, users have got four more options that allows them to add bulleted points, numbered points, in-line and block quote texts while sending on WhatsApp. These shortcuts are available for WhatsApp users on mobile, desktop and even the web version that works through the browsers.


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