NEW DELHI: Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba has urged India to reconsider its historical ties with Russia, citing a diminishing Soviet legacy. According to reports from the Financial Times, Kuleba’s plea comes amid India’s longstanding economic and defense alliances with Moscow, amid Russia’s war in Ukraine since February 2022.
“The co-operation between India and Russia is largely based on the Soviet legacy, But this is not the legacy that will be kept for centuries; it is a legacy that is evaporating”, Kuleba said.
During his two-day visit to India, Kuleba emphasized the potential benefits of bolstering trade and technology partnerships between the two nations. He expressed Ukraine’s interest in importing various heavy machinery items manufactured in India, aiming to revive trade relations, particularly in agricultural products like sunflower oil. Additionally, Kuleba extended an invitation to Indian companies to participate in Ukraine’s postwar reconstruction efforts.
Ukraine aspires to convene a summit of global leaders, excluding Russia, to advance its peace agenda, which includes the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory. Kuleba clarified that Ukraine is not opposed to collaboration between India and Russia but emphasized the importance of India understanding Ukraine’s stance regarding support for Russia’s military actions.
Kuleba had underscored the growing engagement between New Delhi and Kyiv since the beginning of the conflict with Russia.
Russia, however, has dismissed Ukraine’s diplomatic efforts as unviable.
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