Are you looking for a brain teaser? Do you love solving maths brain teasers? If so, we have one for you. It challenges people to find the missing number based on the given pattern. Can you solve this one? If so, how quickly?

Brain Teaser: Can you find the missing number in this question? (X/@ezdailyquiz)

“Find the missing number?” reads the caption to the brain teaser shared on X. The question reads, “If 3+3=>36. 4+4=>48. 5+4=>59. Then 6+7=>?”

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Take a look at the maths brain teaser here:

The brain teaser was shared on March 28. It has since collected over 1,100 views and the numbers are still increasing. Many even took to the comments section of the brain teaser to share their thoughts.

Check out how X users reacted to this maths brain teaser here:

“73. Formula (A×10)+(A+B)= (4×10)+(4+4)=40+8=48. (5×10)+(5+4)=50+9=59. (6×10)+(6+7)=60+13= 73,” posted an individual.

Another added, “73 or 613, maybe?”

“73. 33 + 3. 44 + 4. 54 + 5. 67 + 6 = 73,” expressed a third.

Many unanimously wrote “613” and “73” as the correct answer to the brain teaser.

Did you manage to solve this brain teaser? If so, what do you think is the correct answer?

Earlier, an ‘easy’ brain teaser was shared on the microblogging platform X with the caption, “Can you solve today’s easy brain teaser?” The teaser challenges people to guess the number that will replace the question mark. The brain teaser shows an array of numbers written horizontally and vertically. All you need to do is find the missing number. Do you think you can solve this one? Many claimed that “40” is the correct answer to the brain teaser.

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