The piece of wood that became a source of consistent debates among fans of the film Titanic was sold for over $700,000 (approx. 5.8 crore) at a memorabilia auction. The debate around the prop from this Oscar-winning film centres on whether it could have accommodated both Jack and Rose, saving them from the frigid waters.

Heritage Auctions shared this image of the Titanic prop on Instagram. (Instagram/@heritageauctions)

“Often mistakenly referred to as a door, the ornate structure was in reality part of the door frame just above the first-class lounge entrance. Both the salvaged piece of debris and the film prop reflect the opulent design scheme of original ship builder Harland and Wolff,” the auction house, Heritage Auctions, wrote as a part of the item’s description.

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The establishment also added notes about the controversy regarding the prop and Titanic director James Cameron’s reaction to it. “The iconic prop has caused much debate from fans, many of whom have argued that the floating wood panel could have supported both Jack and Rose – making his fateful decision to stay in the frigid water an empty gesture. Cameron would later engage in a scientific study to prove that this plot point was more than just a convenient narrative device,” they added.

About the floating wood panel:

According to Heritage Auctions, the item is made of balsa wood and has ornate floral accents and scrolling curves. The design is based on a “complete piece of debris” that was salvaged from the sunken Titanic ship.

About the film Titanic:

Directed by James Cameron, this film is created with a blend of historical and fictionalised aspects based on the real-life incident of the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet star as the leads in this world-renowned film.

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