A horrifying video of an encounter between an elephant and a woman was shared on X. The clip shows the creature attacking the woman after she got too close to the animal. The video has prompted people to share varied comments, with many sharing that the woman was at fault in this situation.

The image shows an elephant attacking a woman. (X/@PicturesFoIder)

“Girl tries to make friends with an elephant and finds out,” the video is posted with this caption on X. In the video, a woman is seen smiling and looking at the camera. She removes a helmet she is wearing and slowly gets close to an elephant having a meal.

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At first, the creature doesn’t pay attention to her. However, once she moves closer to the animal, it reacts by pushing her with its head, causing her to fall.

Take a look at this hair-raising video:

The video was posted a day ago. Since then, the clip has gone crazy viral with over 23 million views – and the numbers are still increasing. The share has further prompted people to post varied comments.

Here’s how X users react to this video:

“Fortunate that the juvenile scared her away before that adult charged at her,” tweeted an X user. “You know what I’m gonna do this morning? I’m gonna remove my protective headgear and approach a multi-ton creature in the wild,” added another.

“The entitlement of humans is always off the charts,” posted a third. “At least that went better than the worst it could have possibly gone,” wrote a fourth.

A few also commented on the fact that the animal is chained to a tree. Just like this individual who wrote, “I wonder how long it has been chained to the tree with 10ft of leash? This kind of tourism is tragic”.

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