A history-sheeter in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, is in the headlines again, but not for his notoriety for criminal activities. He attracted widespread attention for his gesture towards his mother. Raunak Gurjar presented an unusual gift to his mother – footwear crafted from his own skin. The incident reportedly happened during the seven-day Bhagwat Katha at the Akhada ground in Sandipani Nagar of Ujjain.

MP: Footwear that the man gifted to his mother. (X/@manishaasingh24)

According to a report by Times Now, Gurjar, who was once shot in the leg by the cops, underwent a procedure to have the skin from his thigh removed. He subsequently donated the skin to a cobbler, who skillfully fashioned it into a pair of footwear.

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“I recite the Ramayana regularly, and I am deeply influenced by the character of Lord Rama. Lord Rama himself said that even making sandals from one’s own skin is not enough for one’s mother. So, this idea came to my mind, and I decided to make footwear from my skin and gift them to my mother,” Times Now quoted Gurjar.

News18 quoted Gurjar, “I want to tell society that heaven lies at the feet of the parents. The father is the ladder to heaven, while the mother is the one who will make it there.”

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Gurjar adorned his mother’s feet with footwear made from his own skin during the Bhagavad Katha proceedings guided by Jitendra Maharaj, reported The Free Press Journal.

Gurjar’s selfless act towards his mother left her emotional, and she couldn’t hold back her tears. “I consider myself fortunate to have a son like Ronak. May God protect him from all hardships and bless him with a life devoid of any sorrow,” The Free Press Journal quoted Gurjar’s mother.

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