Parul University, an esteemed institution, has established a distinctive narrative in the realm of fine arts education through the Faculty of Fine Arts. This unit is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience that empowers students to translate their artistic visions into tangible realities. It fosters an enriching environment that cultivates not only technical skills but also critical thinking, risk-taking, and effective communication—all essential for success in the dynamic world of art.
Dr. Parul Patel, Vice President, at Parul University, reflected the ethos driving the Faculty of Fine Arts, “Creativity is not a competition but a doorway to innovation. Keeping that in mind, here, education extends beyond the traditional scope, embracing modern technology to keep pace with dynamic industry shifts. We aim to breathe life into art and, by doing so, to nourish the essence of human existence. We prepare our students to be both adept in knowledge and creative in spirit to contribute meaningfully to society.”
Programmes that forge artistic excellence
The Faculty of Fine Arts at Parul University offers an array of programs, including:

  • B.V.A. in Painting
  • B.V.A. in Sculpture
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts Applied Arts

These programmes are meticulously designed to guide students from ideation to the actualisation of art, led by a faculty equipped with both traditional wisdom and modern methodologies. These programmes promise continued relevance, given the expanding array of opportunities within the growing creative industry. The curriculum ensures deep-seated familiarity with foundational art principles, preparing students for roles like those of painters, sculptors, curators, and exhibitionists.
Beyond classical training
In the realm of fine arts, students are encouraged to channel their passion into creative expression, benefiting from a personalised approach to learning that goes beyond classroom learning:

  • State-of-art facilities: Well-equipped studios back practical training efforts.
  • A unique 360-degree learning approach: This learning approach is adopted to ensure well-rounded growth in both professional and interpersonal skills. This contributes substantially to the nurturing atmosphere the Faculty of Fine Arts is known for.
  • Expert-led Insights: Seminars and conferences to provide valuable insights from celebrated Fine Arts figures.
  • Global engagement: International exchange programs and strategic partnerships offer enriching cross-cultural experiences

The university’s dedication to student progression does not end with education alone; it extends to career prospects as well. Parul University anchors its reputation on comprehensive learning and a vibrant academic atmosphere and is recognised among India’s top 50 private universities. With over 24,000 placements in more than 2,000 companies, students from Parul University have secured positions in prominent industries, with some achieving milestone packages of over 30 LPA.
Parul University, true to its prestige in academic excellence, continues to kindle the passion and careers of students aspiring to make their mark in the fine arts. The Faculty of Fine Arts at Parul University encourages students to explore their creative boundaries while preparing them to excel in the ever-dynamic domain of art. It’s an institution where creative aspirations are nurtured to become impactful realities.
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