A pizza delivery agent in Canada’s Toronto faced a tirade of racist abuse from a customer during a routine delivery, a video of which is being widely shared. The delivery agent, who appears South Asian, was subjected to derogatory remarks and verbal bullying by the male customer, who recorded the encounter in a TikTok video.

The Toronto pizza delivery agent was verbally abused by the customer. (X)

The young agent had gone to deliver food from Canadian pizza chain “Pizza Pizza” when the argument broke out over him not having change in cash to give the customer.

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The viral clip begins with the customer repeatedly demanding the delivery agent to call the customer care because the latter does not have change in cash to give the customer.

The angry customer, whose face is not seen in the video, had given him a $20 bill to the agent and expected change in cash.

The video is titled “me vs the pizza man”.

“That’s the exact money you have to give me. You think I never ordered food before? Dummy. You stupid. Call the work, please,” he tells the agent who is dialling the customer care from his iPhone.

“I dare you. I dare you. I will show you something,” the customer says, continuing his rant.

In his call with the customer service, the delivery agent shares details of the order and seeks advise on what was to be done. He tells them he is being abused by the customer.

“The customer was giving me s**t. He is abusing me…. can I take my order back? I don’t have any change right now,” he says on the call.

He hangs up after getting instructions from the customer service.

“I want my order back. I will bring the change and then I will give it to you,” he tells the customer. When he insists that he wants to take the food back, the customer dares him to pick the packet from the floor, going on to mock and imitate his accent.

The customer also refuses to answer a call from the customer service.

“You f**king clown. This is the worst delivery driver you’ve ever had. Fire this guy,” he says loudly as the delivery agent calls his employer once again to seek directions.

Eventually, he leaves with his delivery box even as the customer continues abusing him.


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