A video that has gone viral on social media shows four leopards taking a stroll in a residential area. The clip, recorded in the staff quarters of the Ordnance Factory in Khamaria, Jabalpur, was shared on X by the user Anil Talwar. After the video garnered significant attention, many people took to the comments section of the post to express their stunning reactions.

Snapshot of the leopards at the Ordnance Factory in Khamaria, Jabalpur,(X/@Anil Talwar)

“Last night at 10 pm, staff quarters Ordnance Factory, Khamaria, Jabalpur,” wrote Talwar as he shared the video. The clip opens to show the leopards casually walking around in an area. As the video goes on, it shows the big cats leaving the area one by one by leaping over a gate. (Also Read: 12-year-old Maharashtra boy locks leopard in a room, viral video will shock you)

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Watch the video here:

This post was shared on March 6. Since being posted, it has garnered over two lakh views, and the numbers are only increasing. The share also has more than 1,300 likes and numerous comments. Many flocked to the comments section of the post to share their reactions to the bone-chilling video. (Also Read: Viral video: Shocking moment when forest department freed leopard’s head from a metal vessel)

Here’s how people reacted:

An individual wrote, “Gosh! Four of them. In a way, we are lucky to have such a thriving big cat population. Hope the right balance is maintained & animal-human conflict is avoided.”

A second said, “I can’t imagine how I would react if I saw a Leopard on the side of the road while walking or cycling. Or even worse, I see one inside my compound as I walk in after work. How does the common man deal with this? Do the big cats attack humans?”

“Interesting, usually leopards are solitary hunters. Very unusual to see them move around in packs like this,” commented a third.

A fourth shared, “Wow! Leopards are solitary creatures, and seeing a group is such a rare sight.”

“Khamaria is bordering jungles and hillocks which were infested with wild animals tigers (at one time) leopards etc. Even in the mid-seventies, one could not dare to move into the area,” added a fifth.


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