TCS CEO K Krithivasan has again reiterated the company’s stand to discontinue remote working. Krithivasan made the comments at the recent Nasscom event. TCS CEO emphasised on the company’s initiative to bring employees back to offices, stating that crucial learning experiences are derived from observing colleagues and superiors in action and that these experiences cannot be replicated in a remote work environment.
Why work from home is not good for employees and the company
Krithivasan expressed his belief that the work-from-home or hybrid model does not foster individual or organisational growth. He highlighted that TCS values teamwork and fellowship, which he believes cannot be cultivated through virtual meetings or other online platforms. He pointed out that 30-40% of TCS’ associates joined the company during the Coronavirus pandemic, and questioned how they would assimilate the company’s values and culture if they did not physically come to the office.
TCS chief operating officer NG Subramaniam too had echoed similar sentiments recently. Talking about employees who joined the company during Pandemic, Subramaniam said. “Around 40,000 employees joined us online and quit online without any offline interaction during the pandemic and that kind of situation cannot be helpful to an organisation.” “We are very clear that we have to get our original culture back,” Subramaniam said. “
Most valuable lessons learnt seeing employees
He stressed that the most valuable lessons are learned by observing how senior employees perform their duties. He stated that TCS does not support remote work because they believe that the traditional office environment is the most effective work setting. He added that nearly all of their clients are eager to have their employees return to the office and believe that working from the office is the best approach.
TCS final warning to employees on returning to office
TCS last month extended the deadline for employees to return to the office by an additional quarter. The company has now designated the end of March as the ultimate deadline for employees to resume office duties. Subramaniam cautioned in an interview with Economic Times that there would be repercussions for not complying with this deadline. “We are exercising patience but have taken a principled stand that employees have to get back to offices,” he said. “We have sent employees the final communication on this and if they do not, there will be consequences to face.”
He added, “With the kind of cyberattacks in today’s context, an organisation can inadvertently get into trouble,” he said. “One cannot have the kind of controls at home and there can be security risks to businesses.
TCS leases 400,000 sq ft in Noida
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest IT company, which has asked employees to resume work from the office, has leased 400,000 sq ft in Noida in one of the biggest office space transactions in Delhi-NCR. The company has taken the space at Assotech Business Cresterra on the Noida expressway.
TCS has a workforce of over 600,000 employees.


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