Unacademy CEO Gaurav Munjal, while speaking at TechSparks 2024, promoted Bengaluru as the “start-up” capital of India over cities like Mumbai and Delhi. His remark has created chatter on social media, with many sharing their opinions. Udit Goenka, founder and CEO of Software Development firm Little SaaS, shared his reaction too and explained why he prefers Gurgaon over Bengaluru for start-ups.

Udit Goenka, founder and CEO of Software Development firm Little SaaS, took to X to share why he prefers Gurgaon over Bengaluru for start-ups. (Unsplash/@Shridhar Gupta)

“If you are building a ‘tech’ company, Gurgaon is the place to be and not Bangalore!” Goenka wrote. He also listed five reasons, including Gurgaon being “more affordable”, having a “huge buyer’s market”, and also “decent weather.”

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“I moved to Gurgaon last week, and in just one week, I have built a pipeline of over 40 Lakhs for TinyCheque and closed two deals worth 32 lakhs so far! Total expenses? Probably just coffee and travel,” Goenka added.

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The post was shared a few hours ago. Since then, it has accumulated more than 96,000 views. The share has further collected nearly 600 likes. People posted varied comments while reacting to the post.

What did X users say about this tweet?

“Gurgaon office rent is much higher vs Bengaluru. Also – humble people? Bangalore is unmatched and will remain so – every nook and corner inspires creativity. Every cafe has conversations about building a startup and new ideas. Gurgaon is good but second best and far from BLR,” posted an X user.

“Maybe. Everything has pros and cons. The biggest issue I have with Gurgaon is that one pays with one’s health. That’s possibly the most expensive payment. Unfortunately, this is also true about Mumbai,” shared another.

“Udit, everything depends. Someone may move from Bengaluru to Gurgaon or vice versa, and all places enable opportunities to build big companies and startups with their own advantages. At the end of the day it is India that should win that’s what matters,” expressed a third.

“Tech startups = Bengaluru, it’s hard to beat the network effects,” expressed a fourth.

“Absolutely! Gurgaon offers great opportunities for tech companies to thrive,” agreed a fifth.

“I think people will get offended by this ‘Gurgaon is better than Bangalore’ discourse. But yes, I totally agree. Delhi-NCR is the best place to test the real market conditions. If it can survive here, it can survive anywhere. That’s why lots of businesses are from here,” wrote a fifth.


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