A high-voltage drama unfolded in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur when a man found out about his wife’s extramarital affair. According to reports, the woman first tried to end her life by standing on a railway track. Next, she jumped off from the fifth floor of a building. When all this failed, she climbed up an electric pole in Gorkahpur and hugged it to commit suicide. A video of the woman perched on the electric pole has been doing the rounds on the Internet.

UP woman hugged the electric pole to end her life after husband found out about her extramarital affair. (X/@ManojSh28986262)

According to a report by NDTV, the 34-year-old woman is a mother of three children. She was in an alleged relationship with a man from a neighbouring village for seven years. When her husband, Ram Govind, found out about her extramarital affair, she demanded that her lover should live in the same house as her husband and suggested that he could contribute towards the household finances. However, when Govind declined her proposal and left the house, the woman tried attempting suicide.

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She made three attempts, with the latest being climbing on top of a pole having high-tension wires.

The now-viral video shows the woman denying to descend from the pole as onlookers watched her in horror. It aslo shows a few people bringing her down from the electric pole forcefully.

Watch the videos here:

When the woman was climbing the electric pole, the electricty was cut off in Gorakhpur’s Pipraich. The incident was recorded on Wednesday morning near a transformer installed near ITI College in Gorakhpur, reported Free Press Journal. 

If you are going through a distressing situation, call helpline number 9152987821. A few major suicide prevention helplines are 011-23389090 from Sumaitri (Delhi-based) and 044-24640050 from Sneha Foundation (Chennai-based).

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