A passenger at the Ayodhya Dham railway station shared a video that has left people angry. The short video shows the station floor filled with paan stains. After the clip was posted, it gained numerous views and reactions. Many people were not happy with the situation of the newly opened station.

Snapshot of the railway station floor with paan stains. (Reddit/@Ok_Background_4323)

The video was shared on Reddit by the user “Ok_Background_4323”. The seven-second video shows a section of Ayodhya Dham railway station’s floor filled with paan stains. (Also Read: Ayodhya Dham railway station’s sanitation contractor fined 50,000 for not keeping the place clean)

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Watch the video shared here:

This post was shared one day ago on social media. Since being posted, it has gained close to 700 upvotes. Many people also flocked to the comments section of the post to share their reactions.

Here how Reddit users reacted to it:

An individual wrote, “Would be good to make them spitters clean up their mess.”

A second shared, ” It would be good if there was a spittoon that gets cleaned + a wash basin to wash the mouth near the station entrance. You know, like public waste bins, public urinals, public ash trays etc.”

“So many videos are being made of the same station, yet no change; authorities will put a short-term solution by cleaning the station fully because such videos are getting viral, but within a few days, the story will be the same.What we need in a station with a heavy passenger load is an army of volunteers to fine people and a huge cleaning staff. Maybe fear of fines will stop people or at least reduce it, plus fines can help financially to maintain the station,” posted a third. (Also Read: Revamped Ayodhya railway station to have country’s largest concourse)

A fourth said, “Difficult to do in a country with a huge population and less civic sense. Spitting, pissing and keeping the public toilet dirty is just a habit of people. Even in the hospital, people will not flush. Later, one can solve this by just asking the goer to flush it, and they will verify it by sounding the water. Even the mall and airport toilets get dirty due to the way people use them. Even I have seen office toilets like that. It’s just they have staff to clean it regularly.”

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