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Patricia Eriksson, a resident of Sweden, flew to Nagpur on April 3 in the hopes of finding her biological mother. The 41-year-old was born in February 1983 to a 23-year-old unwed mother in Daga Hospital. She was adopted by a Swedish couple a year later from an orphanage.

Snapshot of Patricia Eriksson. (X/@ANI)

“The kids in school started to explain that they have their mother’s hair and father’s nose…That was a hard time. I wanted to look like someone (mom and dad). Then I realised I couldn’t do the same…,” Eriksson told ANI.

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While talking about how hard it was for her, she said to ANI, “From a child’s perspective, you cannot compare yourself to your mother. You are just put in a place where you don’t look like anyone. So that’s why my thought (of searching for my biological mother) started in childhood. It’s been a tough time…I hope this can lead to something more.” (Also Read: Woman’s moving note to daughter’s birth mother goes viral)

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Erikkson began her search for her biological mom in 2022. It was in 2022, when she made a short visit to her elder sister, who is a Pune-based social worker and ‘roots search’ expert, Anjali Pawar. However, her short trip was unsuccessful.

Advocate Anjali Pawar appealed to anyone who used to live in Shantinagar in 1983 and knows anything about her parents to come for help. (Also Read: UK mother gives birth to twins 22 days apart in different hospitals, baffles doctors)

“We are helping Patricia in her search. When we received this case in 2022, we first contacted Shradhanand Ashram and verified the documents. Anyone who used to live in Shantinagar in 1983 and knows her or knows about Shanta and Ramdas, we appeal to them to come forward and help us…Patricia wants to meet her mother once,” Pawar said to ANI.

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