A post on a woman rejecting a potential groom based on his earnings was shared on social media. An X user claimed that a woman turned down one of his engineer friends earning 8 LPA, citing that his salary is too low.

The tweet about a woman rejecting a man based on salary has created chatter on X (Representative image). (Unsplash/@kography)

The X user also added that his friend was “rejected for an arranged marriage by a girl who left her job last year because she felt exhausted, and now she’s not doing anything now.”

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In a tweet on the same thread, he added, “The reason for rejection is that the boy’s salary package is less, and the girl’s family wants a minimum 25 LPA package”.

Take a look at the tweets here:

The post was shared a day ago. Since then, the share has collected more than 5.1 lakh views. The tweet has further accumulated more than 3,900 likes. People posted varied comments while reacting to the post.

What did X users say about this viral tweet?

“It’s fine. What’s wrong with having expectations? Also, it’s a win for the boy, as she clearly reveals her expectations before marriage. Now, he will be on his way to making 25 LPA in the next 2-4 years (hopefully) and marry a different girl who expects him to make 5 LPA,” commented an X user.

“8 LPA is way too low if they have to live in a metro city. At Least 15 LPA is mandatory,” expressed another.

“That’s rough, but there’s someone out there who will appreciate him for who he is,” shared a third.

“Girl is right in her expectations. I’m curious to know what she would do if the 25LPA per guy loses his job down the lane. There are also chances that this 8 LPA guy can progress and get more than 25 LPA in a few years. How can volatile employment be a critical criterion,” posted a fourth.

“Don’t condemn people who share their preferences openly. It’s much better than having problems post-marriage,” wrote a fifth.

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